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Courtsmith Referral Program


As a token of our appreciation for your referrals, we are happy to offer our new $100 referral cash credit program for our customers! Every successful referral that completes a full order will earn you $100 cash or as a credit towards your next order*

*Valid only on completed orders. Minimum order of 10 uniforms/warmups/shooting shirts/compressions for initial referral orders & referrer reorders.



Who is eligible?
Everyone! You do not have to be a current Courtsmith customer to take advantage of the program.

I have multiple teams; can I refer another one of my teams?
You may not refer yourself, your own teams or anyone or other teams under the same root organization even if the teams have different names.

How many times can I send a referral?
There are no limitations on the number of teams you refer as long as you meet the above stipulations.

If you have any additional questions please contact your Courtsmith representative or if you are a new customer, you may reach us via email: info@courtsmith.com