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About Us

In 2014, Courtsmith was born in Oakland, California, out of a fierce desire to revolutionize the athletic performance industry and to fully express what it means to stand at the pinnacle of style and excellence. Our story began with founder Courtney Smith’s unwavering passion for basketball and a dream to create something truly unique for athletes everywhere.

Courtney’s vision was clear: to curate an ecosystem of athletes who craved authentic products that resonated with the culture of sports. From the very start, Courtsmith has been about more than just gear – it’s about celebrating the heart and soul of athletes. We know that basketball isn’t just a game; it’s a lifestyle, a community, and a culture that deserves to be honored with every thread and design.

As we grew, our mission evolved. We became dedicated not only to making players look good on and off the court but also to building an inclusive brand that supports the culture of sports. We hire, manufacture, and collaborate with people who live and breathe the game. Our commitment extends to forming equitable partnerships with athletes, ensuring they retain ownership in their brands and share in our collective success.

At Courtsmith, every product tells a story of passion, dedication, and community. We believe in empowering athletes to express their individuality and pride through high-quality, stylish apparel and gear. Our designs are crafted with precision, reflecting the excellence and authenticity that our community deserves.

Join the Courtsmith family and be part of something bigger. Together, we’re not just making apparel – we’re building a legacy. Experience the Courtsmith difference, where passion meets performance, and every moment on the court becomes legendary.

Welcome to the Courtsmith way. #viaspritius